What to Look for During Your One Year Walk Through

It’s almost time for your one year walk through with NCC, but where do you begin? What do you even look for? We’ve put together a list of all the areas in your home that you should refer to before your walk through. Make a list in advance of what you notice along with any questions you have about maintenance and warranty procedures. Don’t be alarmed by any of the below, as a house settles things can sometime shift with temperature and things can expand and contract.


When walking through your home, look for nail/screw pops on the walls or imperfections in the paint. Check all windows for missing screens and make sure all doors, cabinets, and windows are latching properly. Ensure all moldings and trim are secure in place.

Look Down

As you walk around your home look for loose carpet or flooring. Make sure all hardwood is properly secured and check any tiled areas for grout cracks.

Head to the Bathroom

Remember, tile isn’t just for floors so check any tiled walls or counters, shower stalls, etc. for grout cracking. As you use your facilities make sure all your toilets are flushing properly and no fixtures are leaking. Plug and unplug your tubs and sinks to make sure they are draining properly as well.

Kitchen Time

You probably use your kitchen daily, but just in case, make sure all appliances are working properly. Check that all cabinets are opening and closing properly and look for imperfections on the finish. Each type of countertop is different, so make sure to check those for imperfections as well.

All Systems a Go

Check the following systems to ensure they are working properly:
-Garage door

Pull the Plug on Electrical

As you use the switched or outlets in your home, make sure they are all working properly. Check if anything is wonky when all lights are turned on, and test all outlet plugs that they are working.

Get Outdoors

Take a walk around, check your foundation for any cracks. Make sure the seal is tight on the exterior of your doors and windows. Look for imperfections in the paint. Look up at your roof and make note of any shingles not laying flat and confirm your gutters are working properly.

You’re ready for your one year walk through!

Please note: a 1-year walk through should an industry standard, but not all contractors do it. NCC follows Minnesota statute on warranties.  Here is snipit:

“First, there is a one-year warranty that covers faulty workmanship and defective materials due to noncompliance with building standards. This is the broadest of the warranties but it also runs for the shortest period of time. Next, there is a two-year warranty providing that the home shall be free from defects caused by faulty installation of plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems due to noncompliance with building standards. Third, the statute affords a new home buyer a ten-year protection warranting that the home shall be free from major construction defects due to noncompliance with building standards. Major construction defects means actual damage to the load-bearing portion of the home. Minn. Stat. § 327A.02, subd. 1.”

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