Invest in Your Home and Happiness: Plan Spring and Summer Projects Now!

Warmer weather means it’s the prime season for construction and remodeling projects. Let’s schedule your home addition, remodel, or finally break ground on your custom dream home before our experts are fully booked! 

Perhaps you envision your tax return arriving next month for something special, like a screened-in porch, new windows, or finally finishing that basement. Whatever your vision, NCC Builders’ experience and quality craftsmanship are at your service.

Why Start Planning Now?
Beginning the discussion now ensures you’re ahead of the curve, securing your spot in our construction calendar before it fills up. Early planning also allows for:

  • Thorough consultation to refine and perfect your vision,
  • Adequate time for obtaining any necessary permits, and
  • The opportunity to schedule your project during optimal weather conditions.

Transforming Spaces
From converting unfinished garages into usable space or high-tech charging stations to crafting serene outdoor escapes, no project is too big or small for our skilled team. Imagine the peace of spending summer evenings in a beautifully screened porch (no mosquitos), the joy of a kitchen remodel that provides efficiency and elegance, or the satisfaction of finally having that custom home that’s tailored precisely to your family’s needs.

Enhancing Lives
The spaces where you spend your days play a pivotal role in mental health. An updated living space provides beautiful aesthetics and can also enhance your overall quality of life. With thoughtful design and modern comforts, renovated and organized rooms and homes foster peace of mind and create a beautiful backdrop for making family memories. Transforming your surroundings invests in the physical structure of your home and in the health, happiness, and harmony of life. 

Let’s Make It Happen
This spring and summer, seize the opportunity to make significant changes to your home! For more than 50 years, home and business owners have trusted NCC Builders to provide professionalism, expertise, and a personal touch. 

Let’s discuss your project today and get it scheduled before our wild Minnesota weather turns again! 

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