Storage Solution Remodels

Are you tired of your closets overflowing? Storing essential home items in cramped spaces? Could you use a little extra storage in your home? These great ideas will inspire you to come up with creative solutions to your storage problem. Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

Add a Built in Storage Units
Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom to include additional storage units will help increase the amount of space you have to tuck away your items. If you take a look at this bathroom removable shelving unit, you’ll notice how it provides a much needed storage solution without breaking the bank. The curtains also help conceal the shelves contents, hiding bulky or unappealing items.


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Transform an Entry Hallway into a Mudroom
Does your entry hallway have ample space for a shelving or storage unit? Consider transforming it into a mudroom. Mudrooms provide a great storage space for the whole family, especially one on the go. This mudroom has multiple cubbies and additional hooks for outdoor clothes and equipment. This simple remodel won’t set your family back by much and will certainly increase your house’s storage capabilities!


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Remodel Your Basement
If you’re planning a major remodel for an unfinished basement, you may want to take advantage of the potential to expand your home’s storage space. Take a look at this study room remodel for example. The shelving units running along the wall take up little space, yet provide extra storage. The room itself makes a great home office or study space for the kids.


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Platform Storage Floor
If you live in a home with tall ceilings, you may want to consider installing a platform floor with extra storage space. You’ll notice how this platform floor provides a large amount of storage space remaining unseen. Don’t have tall ceilings? Forgo the box spring and consider building or purchasing a platform bed with storage capabilities.


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Utilize Unused Space
From building a loft in your garage to taking advantage of wall space, the extra storage possibilities in your home are endless. If you just look around your house, you may notice a lot of unused space, particularly under the staircase. We love this storage remodel because it takes advantage of that otherwise unoccupied area. The pullout drawers provide a large amount of extra storage without taking up any additional space in the home.


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