Safety Tips for Homeowners During Construction

Whenever we start a new project here at Northfield Construction Company, we are thrilled to witness how excited our clients become with the process of building them their dream home.
Though it can be tempting to want to be around the project as much as possible, it is crucial that we remember job site safety during these important times. In this blog post, we will cover some of the main do’s and don’t’s when it comes to safety for homeowners and the construction of their new home.
  • If you ever intend on visiting the site, always alert your contractor before doing so.
  • Work could be underway at your time of visit, and if it is, make sure you check in with the Job Site Superintendent before access.
  • If it happens to be overhead work that is going on, the Job Site Superintendent should provide hard hats, so make sure that you are equipped with one.
  • Let the contractor know if you wish to visit the site after hours. During this time, it is especially important that you are mindful of the completed work that is already in place.
Overall, the main thing to keep in mind when it comes to the construction site is that it is just that: a construction site. Safety and timeliness are of the upmost importance, so try to minimize your visits to the site in order to ensure that work is getting done and your home can be properly completed!

5 Replies to “Safety Tips for Homeowners During Construction”

  1. I’m getting my house remodeled and want to make sure my stuff is secure. Thanks for the advice about how you should always alert the construction supervisor when you intend to come. Another important safety tip is to make sure that your house has a chain link fence around it to help keep kids out of the work zone.

    1. That’s a great additional tip! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this blog! Thanks for sharing safety tips for home renovations. Your suggestions are good and will helpful to all homeowners.

  3. I’m doing some research on safety tips for home construction. Thanks for an informative read!

  4. Your contractor should know what is and is not safe to visit during construction and it is advisable to contact him or her before doing so. Thanks for posting.

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