Invest in What You Love!

Your home is an extension of you, so why not treat it with some love? Soon enough, we will all be cozying up inside our houses as the weather gets colder. Taking the time to put real intention into your living space can make all the difference.

At Northfield Construction Company, we can help you put intention into action by guiding you in allocating your investment towards features you’ll love. That’s why they say home is where the heart is, right? Because homes are meant to be filled with what you love.

Step One:
Discover what you DON’T like. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it will help drastically narrow down options. Walk around your home and survey different areas. How do you feel about your kitchen? Are you a fan of how your half bath looks? Is there a room in your house that has become a “storage” by default? Could it be used for something better? Don’t be shy! Knowing what you could improve is just as important as knowing what you enjoy about your home.

Step Two:
Grab a piece of paper and jot down what you really like. Are there certain features of your home that you would like to see expanded upon? Do you like the natural light of your living room, and would you like to see that in other areas of your space? Take notes!

Step Three:
Settle on a space to remodel or renovate. What would have the biggest impact within your budget? Get more use out of your sunroom, den, dining room, or any room in between! When the space is more catered towards your wants and needs, you’ll be surprised at how much more often you’ll find yourself spending time in it.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up a pre-existing room or to overhaul an entire area of your home, the team at Northfield Construction Company can help. Give us a call today or send us a message right here on our website. We can set up a time to talk through your goals and make them a reality.


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