Home Design: Top Trends in Modern Homebuilding

Whether you’re looking to build a new home or renovate your current one, trends in homebuilding should be considered. Gone are the days of clutter, impractical floor plans, and all-white, straight-lined interiors. Welcome the age of environmentally sustainable, functional homes inspired by nature, built with imagination and practicality.  

NCC Builders is a leader in both construction and renovation, and we want to make your vision come true. Backed by industry expertise and dedication to quality, staying up to date is important to us, and we want to keep you in the loop. Check out these trends for inspiration and guidance.  

Smart, Energy Efficient Homes 
Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever. Homes are becoming more energy efficient to reduce carbon footprints and energy consumption. From recycled and sustainably sourced materials to smart features like digital thermostats to solar panels, efficiency is at the forefront of new designs. 

Indoor-Outdoor Hybrid Spaces 
Houses are meant to be lived in, and so are yards. Consumers are looking for comfortable outdoor spaces connected to the indoors. Big windows, screens, and hybrid indoor-outdoor decks and patios are on the rise. Bringing nature inside and the home out, modern homes are creatively meshing the two as consumers embrace the natural world. 

High-Performing Multi-Use Kitchens 
Practical, open, welcoming kitchens continue to be popular! A place of gathering, kitchens with large islands that serve as both a cooking space and dining table are becoming more popular. Working pantries, ample storage space, quality countertops, and proximity to an outdoor space are all important.

Natural Materials 
Although natural materials never go out of style, they are in high demand right now. Quartzite and other natural stone countertops, along with white oak and other wood cabinets and vanities, are in style.  

Curves and Colors  
Calm colors, neutrals, and earth tones that go well with natural materials and are everywhere. From curved couches to arches, corners and rounded edges are taking over, and straight lines are no longer dominating homes. Curves soften up spaces and feel inviting, which, paired with nature-inspired colors, create comfortable and welcoming homes. 

Functional, Flexible Spaces 
In recent years, we’ve all come to recognize the constant element of unpredictability. The need for versatile and resilient spaces has never been greater. Whether it’s an office space that can easily transform into a guest room or innovative room designs that strike a balance between communal and private areas, modern homes are truly built for dynamic living.

Smaller Houses with Multi-Use Rooms 
As interest rates rise and housing becomes less affordable, demand for home size is trending lower. In tandem with the rise of functionality, multi-use rooms are popular. Consumers are being smart with their square footage and are ready to make the most out of their space. 

Which trends are calling your name? Which would you rather pass up? At NCC Builders, we are committed to bringing your vision to life. Let’s get to work on the house of your dreams! From curves to natural rock countertops, trends to basics, NCC has you covered. 

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