Easy Backyard Improvements

Well over a year ago, we shared this blog post with you about backyard improvements. Now that you’ve had a chance to make those changes, we are adding to your to-do list! Keep sprucing up your property with these ideas:

Add lawn games.

Head to our recent blog post about building your own lawn games. These entertaining and easy games make your yard more inviting, and an easy choice when looking for a place to relax with friends.

Build a path.

Even if it’s small, a path can help your yard feel more like a mysterious wooded haven. Check out this inspiration gallery from Bob Vila’s blog. To make the path feel more like home, create some of your own pavers with initials, stones, or patterns.

Build a pallet deck.

If you are limited on space, or want an extra area to gather, try a pallet deck. You can easily customize with unique paint colors, an outdoor rug, and furniture. If you want to get the kids involved, have each of them paint a pallet with their own design!

See the original post below:

In the midst of winter, we sometimes like to think about the summer. And to help you take a quick mental break from the below zero weather, we put together a list of some simple backyard improvements for your home. After all, it’s never too soon to start planning for the warmer months, especially if you’re looking to install a new deck or patio. Do you have a simple backyard improvement you’d like to add to the list? Comment below!

Refinish your deck. Wooden decks require maintenance at least once a year. Refinish your deck by power washing and staining the wood. You won’t believe the amazing improvement it makes! For more tips on how to refinish you deck, check out this article.

Construct a fire pit. This creative backyard upgrade provides a great recreational area for friends and family to convene. You can purchase a fire pit from a local department store, or make it a fun project by building one yourself.

Update outdoor furniture. If you’re looking for a simple change to your backyard, try updating your outdoor furniture. You can even get a little creative by visiting your local thrift and antique stores to see what you can find on sale.

Build a patio. Don’t have a deck? Why not build an outdoor patio instead? A patio creates the perfect space for outdoor dining and family recreational activities. While you may have to hire a contractor to get the job done, installing a patio can be less expensive than building a wood deck. Additionally, patios can be constructed from a variety of materials depending on your budget – concrete, stone, brick, etc.

Grow a garden. While planting and growing a small garden can be a lot of work, it’s relatively inexpensive. Packets of vegetable seeds generally range between one dollar to ten dollars. In addition to adding plant variety to your backyard’s landscape, gardens provide a healthy source of vegetables for your family and can make for a fun seasonal activity. Think about all the money you’ll save on groceries!

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