A Day in the Life of Otto

Oh hello there! I’m Otto. I am the lead office dog here at Northfield Construction Company (occasionally, my sister¬†comes to visit, but she likes to sleep on top of tables and eat snacks from upper shelving units, and apparently this is frowned upon in the office). I make sure that this wonderful construction company and all of the humans who work here (especially my human, Chris) are operating at full force and completing our projects on time and budget. It’s a tough job, but someone has got to do it… I’m going to offer you a glimpse into what my days look like here at NCC. Follow me through the pictures below!


Yum…paper! 170302_DayInLifeOtto_009

My best friend and human. He works hard!170302_DayInLifeOtto_012He is always talking into this plastic thing. I don’t get it, but it seems to be an important aspect of helping our clients.


Chris likes to hold my paw in the car. It might be because he knows I feel safer during our commute to the job sites.170302_DayInLifeOtto_020170302_DayInLifeOtto_022170302_DayInLifeOtto_024

Foundation… check! Framing… check! Looking like the beginnings of a beautiful home for our NCC friends!170302_DayInLifeOtto_040170302_DayInLifeOtto_042

Everyone thought this was funny. I did, too! But I couldn’t let on…170302_DayInLifeOtto_056

Another job site. This time a commercial remodel project. I check everyone’s work thoroughly. Afterall, I am the lead guy at NCC.170302_DayInLifeOtto_048170302_DayInLifeOtto_065

Please feel free to stop by anytime to say hello, show me some love, and maybe even pop a treat in my mouth – then we can be lifelong friends!

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