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Imminent Brewing January Update

Imminent Brewing had a BUSY January! The crew moved from a bare-bones space to preparing for the bar and equipment to be moved in. The Imminent team was also hard at work, including projects like building their bartop and tables.

The bar and tables are made with Black Hills Pine from Newberg Sawmill in Custer, South Dakota. The Black Hills recently experienced a beetle infestation, which meant many trees had to be cut down and the forest thinned out to curb the spread of disease in the trees.

The father of Derek, one of the four Imminent owners, is an experienced woodworker and came to help the team build the tables. Derek has also been hard at work filling the bar’s imperfections with epoxy to create a smooth, level surface.

This is what Imminent was up to in the first half of January:

Here are some shots from the last half of January (check out the garage doors!):

Imminent Brewing December Update

In case you missed it, we’re working to build Northfield’s own Imminent Brewing. If you missed the first blog, read it here. You can read November’s update here.

Here’s a look at what the space looked like at the beginning of December. The team was working on a lot of the foundational construction that will allow the project to take shape. So, even though it didn’t look like much at the time, this stage set us up for great progress!


These photos are from the end of December. You’ll see the team is working to get the walk-in cooler set up–the pink space on the ground that used to be a pile of dirt is where your beer will get nice and chilly.

Get a look at a few more shots the Imminent Brewing team took over the course of the month: