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Project Overview: Canvas Church

How did Canvas Church come to be?

“Canvas Church start in my heart and mind about 10 years ago. I was a youth pastor in Eagan, MN, and my wife and I would drive down to Northfield often. We fell in love with the community and the small town feel.  After being a youth pastor for 15 years, I started thinking about what was next, and staring a church felt like the next step. Feeling lead to take the next step, we began to speak to our friends and family and the biggest questions was where? I was speaking to my friend on the phone while he walking the paths by St. Olaf and asked, “When are you going to start a church in Northfield?”  At that moment something opened my hear and mind to the idea, and after 3 years we launched Canvas.”

“We had moved to Northfield before starting the church, and I remember a conversation with my neighbor about what brought us to town. We told him we were starting a church. He looked at me a little strange and said ‘You know there’s a lot of churches in town right?’. We feel the type of church we are and the work we do is different.”

“On September 25th, 2011 we launched Canvas Church at Bridgewater Elementary school. Our first day we had 273 people attend. Week two is when you will really see who is interested in coming, and on week two we had 113 people. We continued to grow each year and eventually moved the portable church to the high school.”


How did you find the space that Canvas Church is located in today?

“When you are a portable church in Minnesota, people start to ask questions like ‘Are you permanent?’ or ‘Are you going to be around long-term?’. So for us that began the conversation of looking for a space to make this a permanent solution. We had a really random, awkward, amazing conversation with some people who were interested in buying the building that used to be Kmart. And that clicked for us. I had a faith piece about meeting in Kmart and always joked that we would one day build out in Kmart, because when you walk in and see the space and how open it is – it wasn’t a crazy idea. From a locational stand point everyone knew where it was. We went through the steps to sign the paperwork, then came the thought, who are we going to have build it out?”

How did you hear about NCC?

“We worked with an architect who drew up blueprints, but overall the plans were lacking, which we didn’t realize at the time. As we started talking to different construction companies, one company pointed out all the things that were lacking, and were unable to give us a bid based upon the plans. Then we began talking to NCC. We’ve known Chris for 7 years.  The biggest factors for us was, they were local, we knew Chris, and the price point. He said NCC would do their best to make it happen and our of 4 quotes they came in as the most reasonable, so we signed on with NCC.”

What was it like working with NCC?

“It was so great. On this side of the project if we would’ve gone with another company it wouldn’t have been done as well, in the timeframe it was done in, and at the financial amount it was done at. They took our architectural plans that were quite poor and made it happen. I was blown away by it. There is no one I wouldn’t recommend them to. This is our home now had we had our grand opening in August.”

“It was so great. On this side of the project, if we’d gone with another company, it wouldn’t have been done as well, in the timeframe it was done in, and at the price that it was done at. They took our architectural plans and made it happen. I was blown away by it.  I would recommend NCC to anyone!”

Tell Us About Canvas Church:

“At Canvas Church, your story matters.  We know that there are struggles in life and we’re all doing our best to survive those struggles.  But we believe that God made us for more then just struggle and survival… He made us for significance.  With His guidance, we can live a significant life that adds value to everyone we come in contact with.  We offer two services on Sunday mornings – 9:00 am and 10:45 am. They are identical services, just an early or late service depending on if you’re a morning person! We have an amazing kids area with a 17’ play land for kids to enjoy.  We also have a nursery, pre-school and K-5 space. Wednesday nights are our youth ministry nights for grades 6-12.”


If someone is interested, what should they do to learn more about Canvas Church?

“Check out our website to learn more about who we are and our beliefs. Our Facebook page is also a great place to look for live updates on what’s happening! We also have a YouTube  channel to watch or listen to our services so you can check us out before you attend. But the best way to get a feel of who we are is to walk in the door!”

Project Specs

Project Name: Canvas Church

Area: Dundas

Project Manager: Craig Vold

Site Supervisor: Jim Vold

General information: Remodel of existing building for new church with sanctuary, offices, education area, nursery and food prep kitchen. Interesting aspects of the project: Unique colors and space. Square footage: 15,500


Architect: DJ Medin

Lumber and carpentry: Lamperts

HVAC: Keith Pumper Plumbing and Heating

Cement: D & S Cement

Cabinets: Nerstrand custom Cabinets

Flooring: General carpet By owner-Tile done by Jerrys Tile service

Plumbing: Keith pumper Plumbing and Heating

Electrical: Schulz Electric

Paint: K & D Painting and by owner

Acoustical Ceilings by: Twin City Acoustics

Elevator by: Premier

Wall and concrete floor demolition by: Mahowald Services

Drywall: Tamarack

Structural Engineers: Larson Engineering

Building Officials: City of Dundas

Testing: WSB

Structural steel and metal fabrication: Briese Iron Works

Awning: Gopher Metal Fabrication

Doors, frames and hardware: Wheeler Hardware

Aluminum store front: Custom Glass & Mirror

Gypsum board: Steve Ceplecha Drywall

Signage, toilet compartments, toilet accessories and fire extinguishers: Twin City Hardware

Fire Protection: Olympic Fire Protection


New Project: Reunion

Here at Northfield Construction Company, we get to be a part of a lot of fun projects. And this is no exception! We are excited to announce that we have been working on the remodel for the new Reunion located in the old J. Grundy’s Rueb ‘N’ Stein in downtown Northfield. The Reunion will feature two bars, two patios, a restaurant with a wood-fire grill and an entertainment or event space.

Stay tuned for more updates from our team!

Project Overview: Northfield Chamber of Commerce

We partnered with the Northfield Chamber of Commerce on their recent project located at Chamber 19 Bridge Square. The project consisted of a conference area in the back area and a new reception and lobby area. Now that the project is complete, we sat down with Todd at the chamber to talk about his experience partnering with NCC.

This project was a unique process as – part of the costs were being paid for by the landlord, and part by the tenant. NCC worked with both parties to ensure the needs of both sides were met.

What was it like partnering with NCC on this project?

“They were extremely thorough and kept me well informed on the status of the project. They were ahead of schedule. Keeping in mind the time constraints they made room for them to move some of our stuff over. There was no surprise at the end of the project, they were willing to work with all of our last minute changes.

Chris is extremely supportive of the Chamber. I can’t say enough about their support of the project. He helped secure us cabinetry to reuse that was upcycled from the old US Federal Credit Union.”

Being an integral part of the community, what connections were you able to utilize for the project?

“We tried to use connections with Chamber Members wherever possible including Lamperts for cabinet work, electric work was done by Schulz, and Bierman’s repaired the flooring.”

Project Specs:

Project Name: Chamber 19 Bridge Square
Area: Northfield Downtown
Project Manager: Chris Smisek
Site Supervisor: Jim Vold

General information: This is a Commercial leased space, KOMA Architects designed a new conference area in the back area and a new reception and lobby area. The Cabinets in the reception area are repurposed cabinets form the old US Federal Credit Union. Floor patching, all new paint, added a couple new doors and hardware, patched in the Acoustical ceiling.


Architect: KOMA
Lumber: Lamperts
Cement: none
Cabinets: Lamperts
Doors and Hardware: Twin City Hardware
Flooring: Biermans
Ceiling: Twin City Acoustics
Plumbing: None
Electrical: Schulz
Paint: K&D

Creative Use of Industrial Space | Custom Office Build-Out

We recently had the privilege to work with the team over at Consulting Engineering Group (CEG) in Lakeville. We were brought in to make their office space, in an industrial park, work for them. The engineers — paired with Andrea Hoff (an emerging interior designer) — were able to create a color scheme, choose flooring and select counter spaces that fit their needs, and the needs of their clients. Take a peek at the finished project and let us know if you need to rework your space. We pride ourselves in our custom build-outs and look forward to talking with you.

If you are interested in contacting Andrea for her design expertise — we’d love to connect you. You can reach her at:

Imminent Brewing – Final Reveal

We know everyone was excited to follow along on the progress of Imminent Brewing. We are so proud of how the final concept came together. It was a first for both of us — NCC’s first brewery project and the Imminent Team’s first brewery! We learned a lot along the way and after it was all said and done, we’ve enjoyed a couple of pints (ok, maybe more than a couple) to celebrate together.

We were able to leverage a lot of local contractors to help us along the way — a BIG thank you to Keith Pumper Plumbing and Schultz Electric. We are grateful to call you partners in this project.

If you haven’t been to Imminent, head on over! These photos are great but nothing will replace the experience this community-minded taproom has.