A Message from Otto: What I’ve Learned Living with Alpacas for 3 Months

Hi, Otto here. Recently, my mom and dad brought home some new friends – the alpacas. I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned living with them for the past three months:

  1. Don’t chase them right when your mom brings them home. Don’t run them around and get them all tired out. Your parents don’t like that and you’re gonna get in trouble.
  2. They poop a lot. And all over the place. So try to stay out of their grassy area, avoid it as much as possible. And definitely do not eat it.
  3. When you’re having a ruff day, and feeling a little rascally, you don’t need to go in there and chase them around (back to point number one). That is frowned upon.
  4. They are pretty nice creatures, they don’t really do much. They sit there and look at you, and I look back at them. We communicate by looking at each other and then we leave each other alone (for the most part).

Life on the farm with the alpacas is good !

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