A Bit of Luxury: A Home Bar

Does the dream home you envision include a home bar? If you enjoy hosting and crafting cocktails or serving up a cold beer, a home bar might be the one luxury that takes your space to the next level. The good news is that you don’t need much room to create an amazing home bar.

Consider the following options:
Wet Bar vs. Dry Bar – Is a sink a necessity? That depends on your space and location. A great, permanent home bar will provide everything you need to mix a cocktail, pour a glass of water, and prepare a small snack. If you add a home bar in the dining room near the kitchen, a wet bar might be unnecessary.
Storage – Many beverages, including wine and beer, need to be stored at a certain angle or temperature. Consider an elaborate wine vault or hanging wine rack against the wall. You could select one fridge dedicated to the appropriate wine temperature and another for all other beverages. Shelves and racks for glasses can help keep your counter space open.
Cabinets & Counter –  Does your ‘bit of luxury’ include a marble counter and backsplash? Custom cabinetry and counters can be built or cut to fit your space and needs. Many home bars include glass cabinet doors or open shelves. If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings, install floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and include a fantastic rolling ladder.
TV and Lighting – Are you hoping to catch the game while pouring a few drinks? Maybe even more than one game at a time? Consider whether media will be a big part of your home bar. Also, you can get creative with the lighting! The cabinets can have backlighting, you can have distinctive pendant lights, or you might even opt for a classic neon light.
Conversation Piece – Keep in mind a focal point for your bar. Clearly, this isn’t required, but there are many cool things to consider – stained glass, a large mirror, an oversized piece of art, or even a bold tile selection. You might find a refurbished vintage back bar at an antique dealer. A chalkboard wall will allow your guests to get creative!

The options and creativity available for a home bar are limitless! If you felt a little restrained in your kitchen selections, you can go wild in your home bar. Call Northfield Construction to get the process started!

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