Oak flooring at addition

100_1601 Last week we started installation of a new red oak floor in our Second Street addition. We removed the flooring in the existing living room area and installed new oak flooring there, running it through into the newly created dining area. We install the new flooring over water resistant paper. That helps keep any moisture that may try to come of from the basement level from getting into the new wood floor and causing swelling and then shrinkage. The opening between the living and dining room will eventually have oak columns creating a nice transition from one room to the other.


100_1602 The new family room has had the trim installed on the100_1603 windows giving it a more finished appearance. Cabinets will be installed shortly in the kitchen which will greatly transform these spaces.


We have work to do on the exterior siding and deck yet. With Saturday’s 40 degree temperature and sun leading the way, that work will be done soon.