Laura Baker Services

For the past two months we have had the new building we are constructing for Laura Baker Services “under wraps”.

The exterior of the new resident cottage is brick and stucco. Because of the snow and cold weather we enclosed the building in a polyethylene enclosure so we could control the environment while we completed the exterior finishes.

It was quite an “unveiling” when we finished up the brick and stucco work and removed the temporary building enclosure. Suddenly the neighborhood and the Laura Baker residents and staff saw a beautiful new building standing in the snow!

Laura Baker is excited about this new building and the two others yet to be constructed. They included a photo of the building under wraps on the front cover of their quarterly publication. We have had many nice comments about the building from the staff and residents. They have had to put up with some of the usual difficuties associated with a construction project….limited parking, dumpsters, noise, electrical interruptions, etc.

The “Hand in Hand” capital fund raising campaign that is funding these new buildings is well underway.

I hope everyone in Northfield has a chance to drive by the Laura Baker campus and look at this new building and consider making a pledge to the “Hand in Hand” capital campaign. Laura Baker Services provides wonderful quality care for their residents. These new buildings wall allow them to continue to do this for many, many years into the future.

I’m proud that Northfield Construction Company was asked to assist with the construction of these buildings. But our work with the “nuts and bolts” of building is easy compared to the daily challenges facing people with mental and developmental disabilities. I’m pleased that Laura Baker Services is here to provide this type of quality care for these individuals.