Project Planning

One of the most important part of any project is the planning process. For most of our customers, the planning proces starts when they contact us about their construction needs. Housing needs are often initiated by changes to a family….children being born or adopted, family room changes for adolescent children, children going to college or moving away, a parent moving in, etc. The construction needs may involve simple remodeling, a major addition and remodel, or an entirely new home. Whatever the end result of the project, each project must start with careful planning.

Part of our planning process involves working with our designers and clients to select materials and systems for the project. There are literally thousands of products to consider for almost every project, with many selections to consider in individual areas. The staff at Northfield Construction Company works to fit client needs with project demands to select appropriate items. Examples of this are windows selections.

It is important for us to use high quality windows in our homes and buildings, but there are many excellent manufacturers to select from. We mainly use Marvin, Andersen or Pella windows on our projects. Each of these three major manufacturers has slight differences that make their products work well for specific applications. Our design team reviews clients needs and analyzes what works best for the client, making a presentation using that product. I find that our customers appreciate our recommendations, as they are based on over 30 years of work in the construction industry. We also diligently work to stay abreast of new techniques and products, evaluating them as best we can to see what works well. Through all this, if clients have particular products they wish to consider, we are always happy to evaluate products.

The planning phase of a project is so very important. A well planned project meets clients needs, stays within established budgets and is completed on time in a safe and efficient manner….the goal of every Northfield Construction Company project.