New Prairie Home

Over the fall and winter we have been working at building a new Prairie style home on the north edge of the Northfield golf course on Wall Street Road. It was designed by Gary Hanson of Prairie Creek Archtiects and is a beautiful home. (See the gallery of indoor and outdoor photos.)

We have worked on many Prairie style homes in this area with Gary Hanson. He does a great job capturing the organic, solid feelings of Praire homes. His use of wood trims for ceiling moldings, wall trims, etc. give the homes a warm and inviting feeling.

Phil Olson was the Superintendent on this home.

Phil works very well with Gary and understands the desgin elements of Prairie homes. Gary’s homes have a high level of detail which requires attention to all construction details at all times. It is not unusual to have Gary and Phil work out framing details to 1/16″ for roofs, overhangs, walls, etc. It doesn’t sound like much, but a 1/16″ change in something like a window height can throw off a trim piece and create all sorts of problems. There is no one better than Phil at building a Prairie style home.