Modern Minimalist Home Project | Northfield, MN

This custom-built, modern minimalist home brings us to the outskirts of Northfield, MN. Matthew and Christine began working with Northfield Construction Company in the fall of 2016 to complete their dream of building a home on this beautiful piece of land. The design definitely takes advantage of the view (we can’t wait to see it in the summer/fall!) with glass across the rear of the home looking out at waterfalls and everything else their property has to offer.

Their son, Mattole took us on a recent tour was very proud of his room. He couldn’t wait to tell us to “stay calm when we see a bee.” Matthew is a beekeeper and for the last 2 years has kept the hives on the hill. We heard a few buzzing around but made sure not to panic.

They’ve chosen unique materials and non-traditional elements. Matthew and Christine knew they needed to partner with a contractor that would be able to make this happen. They were intrigued with Northfield Construction Company because of their ability and connections not only in the residential space, but in commercial construction as well.

Make sure to come back here for the finished project — we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Oh — and make sure to check out Matthew’s business: Old Soul Honey. We are excited to document him in action when the house is complete!

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