Life is Better on the Porch!

Do you ever find yourself longing for a nice place to relax in your yard, but you really hate dealing with the bugs? You may wonder if a porch is the right option, but what kind of porch? Or, you may have a screened-in space that you’d like to transform for extended use! This blog will compare and contrast the different types of porches to help you decide which is best for your needs.

Essentially, your choice comes down to five questions:

  1. How LONG do you want to be able to use the space?
  2. Do you want the porch to feel like you’re OUTSIDE or INSIDE?
  3. How COMFORTABLE do you want it to be in terms of temperature?
  4. What is your BUDGET to get the project completed?
  5. What DESIGN features or elements do you feel must be included?

Before trying to answer those questions, read below to learn more about your options!

Screened-In Porch: A screened-in porch is an outdoor space based on a patio or deck connected to your home with a roof and screened enclosure that allows the breeze to flow through. The ceiling protects against the sun and screens will keep out bugs, birds and leaves. A screened-in porch is ideal for enjoying the tranquil sounds and scents of being outdoors. Especially here in Minnesota, we can only enjoy this type of porch as long as the weather permits, and it will not keep out heavy rains, pollen or dust.

Three-Season Porch: Unlike screened-in porches, a three-season porch uses glass and some insulation, which increases the functionality of the space, but also come at a slightly higher investment. Windows are often single pane glass with low energy efficiency making the room unusable in the winter months. However, windows protect from the rain and allergens and allow for usage earlier in spring and later into fall.

Four-Season Porch/Sunroom: Providing the best shelter from both precipitation and extreme temperatures, a four-season porch includes high-grade insulation and energy-efficient windows. It is also connected to HVAC to make the space comfortable in all four seasons.

Remember, the costs involved with any project vary based on size, layout, materials, and labor prices. Consider flooring – will it be a second-level porch with a deck or wood floor, or a ground-level porch with a concrete foundation? What materials will be used to construct the walls? Interior beadboard with exterior siding? Floor-to-ceiling screens or windows?

So, what’s the verdict? Should you build a screened-in porch to enjoy nature or a three- or four-season porch that will protect you from Minnesota’s harsh elements? A porch actually allows for creativity and unique design choices! No matter what you choose, Northfield Construction Company can help make it happen. Give us a call today – let’s get started!

Here are some images to spark your imagination!


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