Home Show Activities

The Northfield Home and Garden Show is over for another year.

Bernie, Chris and I had a great time at the show on Saturday. The warm, sunny weather brought out a lot of show visitors. It was great to see so many past clients, and to visit with many new people about projects they are planning. Since I have been building and remodeling for over 30 years in Northfield, there are a great number of people that I have worked for in that time. It is always rewarding to have someone come up and say, “We still love our family room addition and are glad we decided to have you build it for us.” A small town is a wonderful place to work when you treat your clients with respect, give an honest day’s work at all times, and price your work fairly. If you feel you cannot do all three of those things at the same time, then a small town will not be a good place to work.

I am very proud of my extensive client list, which includes multiple separate construction projects for many, many people. The construction workers and staff I employ all mantain the same high commitment to our customers that I have.

Tomorrow I’ll draw a name from our registration box and post the winner of the $75 Fermentations dinner gift certificate.