Home and Garden Show

Saturday Ellen and I attended the Home and Garden Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I had not been to this event for several years and wanted to visit people and learn about products. Such shows are great places to learn about new products and to get technical advice from manufacturers representatives.

Much of my attention was spent in the home building area talking with folks about energy related products. I saw several types of in-floor heating products including hot water tubing and electric types. I’ll have to say my favorite continues to be the Wirsbo radiant floor heating products. They seem to be an industry leader in figuring out effective ways to provide radiant heating in new constrution and also in remodeling projects.

I also visited with representatives from rFoil insulation. I have used this product under our concrete floors for years and like it. It has good refelctive qualities and also has excellent R-values. Some builders have questioned the long term R-value lately and I was glad to visit with the representatives and learn about some new independent testing and certifications for rFoil products.

There were many, many booths showing off granite countertops and all the things they can do with granite. Again, I’ve used granite for many kitchen and vanity countertops for some years. The one product I have not used, and is made right here in LeSueur, Minnesota is Cambria. Cambria is a stone product made from pure quartz. It has a beautiful look and feel and comes in a large assortment of colors. I’d like to use Cambria on an upcoming project.

I was glad to see representatives from the Minnesota Department of Commerce at the show. They were distributing computer discs with energy information as well as an assortment of “Builder’s Update” bulletins from the Department. They put out good information on controlling energy use in homes.

I had a good visit with representatives from Lifebreath whole house air cleaner systems. As homes continue to be constructed to higher and tighter standards it becomes evermore important to regulate the air flow and air quality in the home. A heat recovery ventilator or energy recovery ventilator does the job and Lifebreath makes a good one.

Ellen and I saw a few Northfield folks wandering around the show…hard to imagine that we could cross paths at a show that is so huge but we did. We spent about 5 hours at the show but could easily have spent twice that time. I got piles of excellent literature and seveal new ideas at the show….definitely worth the investment of time.