Faith Lutheran Church

100_1109 Our work has moved along well at the Faith Lutheran Church addiion and remodeling in Dodge Center. We completed the foundation work last week. This week the underground utilities have been installed and portions of the concrete floor were laid. It has been wonderful fall weather for this project, allowing the cement finishers to do their work without having to worry about rain or frosty weather.

The carpenters have just started framing for the exterior walls. The church wil100_1111 l mainly utilize 2×6 wall construction with high insulation levels. The walls higher than 10’ incorporate laminated lumber for the wall studs. We also will have structural steel in some of the walls as we move onto other areas of framing.

100_1112 While on site the other day I spied a very nice old church in the town. At one time the Dodge Center school was attached to the church so I suspect it was given to the community at some point when the congregation outgrew the building. It is a very nice old brick structure. What100_1113 struck me is the detail of the brick work. The main building incorporates a nice red brick. Cream colored trim bricks are incorporated in many areas. I especially like the way the cream bricks are held proud of the red base brick, the corbels on the corners, etc. This former school site is currently for sale. I hope a future user of the property retains this lovely old building.