Early Childhood

Last night I was invited to participate in an Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) meeting at Longfellow school. There was a good group of local citizens in attendance that are working on ECFE issues.

The ECFE group is working with the Southern Minnesoata Initiative Foundation to build stronger ECFE programs in Northfield.

They have just finished doing a significant survey of community members, businesses, schools, arts groups, and many other organizations. This is being done to understand how the Northfield community views ECFE issues and to see how knowledgable people are about ECFE. They then will move on to working with the business community to develop a comprehensive public policy and advocacy plan.

ECFE is a very important to the overall health of a community. Through good ECFE efforts we can arrive at a well educated and well adjusted population.

It is good to see this kind of community effort in Northfield and is part of what makes this a geat community to live and work in.