Creative Pet Features to Include in Your Home

When you are building a new home, or remodeling your current one, it is important to do so with every family member in mind – including your family pet! Here are three unique and creative ideas to get you started that are sure to keep your pet happy!

Feeding Area in Your Kitchen

Save valuable floor or counter space by creating a designated feeding area. These can be incorporated as shelves inside of your walls, cabinets, or island. These areas can be available always, or be easily accessible by folding or sliding out.

Washing Area in Your Mud Room

Make bath time for your pets less of a hassle by creating a special washing area in your mud room or another area of your home where it makes sense. Create a low area that you pet can walk right into with tools like a removable shower head that make the washing process easier.

Pet Nook Under Your Stairs

Kennels in your home can be an eyesore, but just like for you, personal space is important. Create a special pet nook under your stairs that is a quiet and relaxing spot for your pet to relax in. Complete this space with a comfy bed, their toys, and anything else familiar to them. Maybe even a photo of their favorite hoo-man?

Have you incorporated any fun pet features into your home? We’d love to hear from you! Northfield Construction Company receives award and recognition for Seeds Farm project. NCC is a full service general contractor located in Northfield, Minnesota specializing in commercial construction, residential construction and remodeling.

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