Community service and discussion

I’ve mentioned several times in earlier postings that besides running Northfield Construction Company I also serve in the Minnesota House of Representatives. The best part of my Representative job is talking with my constituents. One in particular that I’ve enjoyed visiting with on a rather regular basis is Leif Knecht.

Leif and I have known each other for years. We swam together on the Northfield High School swim team in 1966-69… when the “new” high school opened. We both graduated from St. Olaf College and we both operate businesses in Northfield. Leif and Deb Knecht operate Knecht’s Nurseries and Landscaping

which provides landscape work in many projects Northfield Construction Company completes in this area.

Leif also serves as a Supervisor on the Bridgewater Town Board. Leif is my “go to guy” to talk about township concerns that come up in the Legislature. Leif is very active in pushing for good planning in townships and for good communications between townships, counties and cities. Bridgewater Township is lucky to have such and involved and caring Supervisor.

But the part I enjoy most about my discussions with Leif is our talks on social issues. Leif brings a message to me that says we need a compassionate responsible government that supports individual efforts and promotes personal responsibility. I’m glad to hear that view as it generally lines up with my philosophy and what I’m trying to accomplish in St. Paul. Leif understands workers compensation insurance, business liability issues, health care concerns as well as local planning and zoning issues and a host of social programs.

It is nice to have people in my House District 25B that care to take the time to meet with me and discuss issues that relate to the State of Minnesota. It is also very valuable for me to hear from someone that understands the challenges of running a small business and is also serving in an elected position. Leif and I have great discussions and I value and appreciate his comments.