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Northfield Swimming Pool

We are underway—-finally—-with the work creating a concession area for the Northfield swimming pool. We were held up for many weeks as the city, the architects and the State agencies reviewed finishes. Since the area is selling food it has to have all the materials approved for food sales areas. There were a few glitches in the project but it has been worked out. The plumbers dug out the soils and installed their underground plumbing. We cut in and installed some new hollow metal doors.

One of the interesting aspects of the project is the fact that the concrete floors move up and down with frost. The concrete areas around the pool are not frost protected, and the buildings are not heated during cold months. When the soils under the concrete freeze the concrete is pushed up….sometimes up to 2″-3″.  So our new walls are being constructed with “slip joints” at the top and bottom plates. This will allow the walls to ride up with the concrete floor without damaging the structure above. We accomplish this by using galvanized angles to hold the walls in place. A bit time consuming but it is needed to keep from damaging the building.

Kenyon Sunset Home

We are coming down the home stretch at the Kenyon Sunset Home renovation project. The flooring installers have been hard at work finishing up the flooring in Phase 10 of our project. The common spaces have turned out very nice. The new ceilings, paint, lighting and flooring makes all the spaces seem so bright.

It seems like we’ve moved miles of walls on this project as we set up temporary walls in the corridors, have the asbestos contractor remove materials, do our work, then take down the temporary walls and move them on to another phase. The staff has been great to work with on this project.

Kenyon Sunset Home Remodeling

Our work continues at the Kenyon Sunset Home remodelilng project. We have been phasing the work with barrier walls so that the home can continue to operate during the project. One of the fun things to see is the art work on the temporary walls. Residents, family members and friends have been using markers to draw pictures or leave messages. Today I found a very nice thought on the wall that reads “Always remember the power of a simple smile, a helping hand, a listening ear and a kind word.”

New Business in Northfield

We are busy doing some remodeling for a new business that is setting up in the lower level of 310 Division St. in Northfield. Our work involves installing a new access ramp and stairs, a new bathroom and some miscellaneous remodeling. The ramp and steps will provide good access to the space, but will also provide some excellent display walls for products. The new toilet room has steel stud framing and will use an ejector lift pump to avoid dealing with the very solid rock under the existing concrete floor.

We removed and closed up the circular stairway that served this area from the Division Street level. I remember this stairway being installed when I was in High School!

Kenyon Sunset Home Remodeling

We finished up another phase of the Kenyon Sunset Home remodeling project. The architect and representatives from the lending firm were on site doing their inspections. Everyone agrees that the improvements are wonderful. Once the ceiling tiles are installed and the lights working the new hallways are nice and bright for the residents and staff.

Staff members and residents have had some fun doing ‘art work’ on our temporary walls!