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All Saints Episcopal Church

Yesterday we had a groundbreaking ceremony for the All Saints Episcopal Church renovation and expansion project. Arriving at the construction stage for this project has been a ‘long and winding road’ for everyone. There is a tremendous amount of administrative work that must be done to obtain approvals on a project like this. But we got through them all and we are underway finally. This is a great expansion project for this lively congregation. We are pleased and honored to be working with them.

St. Pius V Catholic Church elevator

We have been making good progress on the addition to St. Pius V Catholic church in Cannon Falls. The addition will house a new elevator as well as a fully accessible toilet. It is always slow coming out of the ground with an elevator as you have to dig and prepare the pit for the shaft as part of the excavation work. The foundation walls are in place now. Our workers have set the main floor steel beams in place as well as the steel decking that supports the concrete floor. Yesterday we got underway with the main floor concrete block walls.

First National Bank drive up

The night depository device at the First National Bank downtown drive-up bank broke a few weeks ago. This is the type of depository that accepts large bags of coins so it was used quite a bit by downtown merchants—-and missed while out of service. Unfortunately, the old depository could no longer be repaired. The bank arranged for a new model to be delivered. The new unit required modifications to the existing exterior wall to make it fit in the old space. We managed to complete the work for them in short order, using stainless steel as the final wall finish.

St. Pius V elevator addition

We have started work at St. Pius V Catholic church in Cannon Falls. We are constructing an addition for an elevator and a new accessible toilet room. Yesterday we finished the excavation work for the addition. The soils on this site are sand which makes the site an excellent area to build… water problems! In this photo the elevator pit, about 4′ below the floor elevation, is just being finished.

St. John’s windows

We have been replacing windows at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Northfield. Some years ago we replaced quite a few in the church and now we are tackling the balance of the windows. The exterior of the church is brick so measurements have to be carefully taken to assure that the new windows will fit the openings. We are again using Marvin clad window units. They work very well for such installations and they create a crisp, clean look while providing excellent energy features. We are careful with the removal and installation so that the interior plaster is not damaged.