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How to Remodel Retail/Commercial Space

Your commercial/retail space is the home to your business. It’s how you put a roof over your head and your employees’. Naturally, you want it to be at its best. Improving your workplace can be as simple as a remodel. These tips will help you make your workplace productive, practical, and polished.

  1. Flooring. Replacing your flooring can brighten up the workplace and give it a more professional appearance. Wood flooring in particular can provide a warm, approachable atmosphere in any space. If the price of wood is out of your price range, take a look at wood laminate flooring. This guide from HGTV is a good start.
  2. Space. Is that one wall inhibiting your display area? What about the windowless conference room in your office? When remodelling, consider the functionality of your space. Discuss your problems with your remodelers, and together you can come up with a creative and practical solution.
  3. Paint. A fresh coat of paint is revitalizing and refreshing. The right paint color can open up your space, spark creativity, and set a mood.
  4. Ceilings. You might not look up all that often, but a ceiling is a large part of your space. (Literally speaking, it’s as large as the floor.) If standard tiles aren’t cutting it for you, consider the affordable popcorn or decorative ceiling tiles.
  5. Bathroom. Because the bathroom is a small space in most offices, stores, and commercial spaces, it is easy to notice its faults. It is also easy to make it faultless. Updating basic fixtures, re-tiling, and installing unique features can quickly convert this small space.
  6. Trim. Updating the trim in your space polishes off the beautiful space you have created. If you’re up for something different, opt for ornate woodwork or a pop of color. While you’re at it, take a shot at your baseboards as well.

Progress At New Brick Oven Bakery Site

In case you hadn’t heard the saws and jackhammers, there is some serious construction happening in Northfield. The Brick Oven Bakery is moving from its current location on Professional Drive to the Crossings. Brick Oven, known for its preservative-free handcrafted breads, is excited for the big move. The new location, more visible than the previous, is located on the corner of Highway 3 and 3rd Street.

Northfield Construction Company got involved on the project because bakeries require a specific space. If you stuck your head in the door right now, you will find studs, plywood, and a construction crew. Soon, though, you will find the scent of snickerdoodles, Black Forest Cake, and their famous cinnamon rolls.

We are proud to be working with Brick Oven Bakery on their new space at the Crossing Commercial building. Attached are some photos of the progress. The new location will feature guest seating, an expanded menu, and other great amenities for Brick Oven guests. We’ll be working hard over the summer to build out the space and get them ready to open.

How to Find Remodel Inspiration

When you’re looking to remodel, it’s tough to put a finger on exactly what you want. Perhaps you liked one element of your friend’s exterior or a paint color at the book store. But how are you supposed to remember and communicate these details? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Whether it’s your foyer, your business, or your bathroom, these tips can help you find the perfect inspiration for your space.

  1. Consider who will be using the space. Do you want to come off as elegant to your adult audiences? Do you have a dog like our Otto, who often wears his “work boots” in the house. Thinking about the traffic your space will get can help you implement features that best serve them.
  2. Identify what you like about the space already. Communicating to your construction team the elements which you would hate to see go is important. That way, you don’t lose the features you love while adding the features you need. This information can also help the team to determine your style and better tailor their suggestions to you.
  3. Decide how long you want this remodel to last. Do your design inspirations change with the season, or are you looking for a long-term, classic look? Considering future changes helps your team to create a space that can be easily changed or build in stable fundamentals.
  4. Research. Head to Pinterest, take photos of your neighbor’s eyebrow windows (with their permission, of course…), buy magazines, watch home improvement shows, or pick up paint chips. Showing your team exactly what you like helps prevent miscommunications and provides further inspiration. You can even consider making your own mood board.

If you want to kickstart your creative juices, check out NCC’s own Pinterest for some of our favorite inspirations.

All Saints Episcopal Church Addition and Remodel | Northfield, MN

Despite dealing with a very tough winter we have been making excellent progress with our All Saints Episcopal Church project at 5th and Washington. All of the exterior siding and roofing work was completed some time ago. We’ve now focused on finishing the interior spaces. The rooms look great once the windows are trimmed out. The architects selected a nice size and arrangement of the Marvin windows.

The mechanical room, like most mechanical rooms, is quickly filling up with the various furnaces, duct work, water lines, etc. The separate furnaces on this project enable the congregation to conserve fuel by not overly heating or cooling unused rooms. It also permits much better air quality control for offices and classrooms when they are in use.

There are a couple of large spaces in the basement that can be used for multi-purpose rooms. They don’t have a high level of finishes at this time as the church wants to wait and see what the best use if for the rooms.

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Elko Addition Finished!

Our Elko addition and remodel is finished now. It really looks nice and the owners are very happy with the project. One interesting part of the work is the baking area. The owner has been involved in baking cupcakes and cakes for some years. She had us create an approved baking kitchen so she can work more efficiently and serve a wider client base. The baking kitchen turned out very well with tile walls and floor and code approved stainless steel sinks.