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Northfield High School

We completed our loading dock project at the Northfield High School on schedule. I know the staff will really appreciate having all the bins for recycling, food waste, etc. But the folks that really will appreciate it are the truck drivers that deliver materials to the building. I was on site this morning and talked to a trucker that used the dock leveler for the first time—he was grinning as he rolled his dolly down the ramp and into the building. This is a great, safe addition to the building.

We have also worked on a couple other smaller projects at the High School. Right now we are finishing building a short wall above the attachment plate where a new moveable partition wall will be installed in the balcony of the gymnasium. When the building was originally constructed in the mid-1960’s it included provisions for a  moveable wall partition in the balcony. However, the moveable partition was never installed, making the space hard to use while the gym is in use. The school board decided to have the moveable wall partition installed now. But to keep noise down the area above the mounting plate has to be closed off—so that is what we are doing.

Montessori Children’s House

We are making a few modifications at the Northfield Montessori Children’s House school. One of the rooms had a small window on one side that the staff wanted enlarged. We cut out the small window and installed a new double wide casement window. That lets a lot more light into the room. We also insulated a concrete floor in the sun room. This room is a wonderful, bright sunny space and gets used in the milder months for story time, etc. But the concrete floor tended to be cold. With some furring strips and rigid insulation we remedied that situation. Now when the children sit on the floor it will be warmer for them.

Gunderson Gardens, Kenyon

We’ve started work on renovations for Gunderson Gardens in Kenyon. Gunderson Gardens is part of the Kenyon Sunset Home, a care facility for elderly residents. Our work at Gunderson Gardens involves a complete renovation of six individual living units to create a memory care unit. We are removing interior frame walls, modifying the heating and cooling systems, and renewing all interior finishes. The end result should be a very nice living area for residents needing this type of care.

EMS Modifications

We have started work on some building modification for the Northfield Hospital Emergency Medical Services. The EMS are relocating to our former building, which I sold to the hospital at the end of April. We have moved most of our equipment out of the larger area of the building and now are making modifications for the EMS. One of the tasks is combining the four single doors on the south side into two large overhead doors. This involves shoring the existing wall,  removing the existing steel lintel beams and installing new lintel beams. We also have to lay up a new masonry pier reinforced with steel bars.

NCC Office Expansion

In spite of some rather wet weather we have made good progress on our company office expansion. We’ve completed window installation and the exterior metal siding work. We were able to match the color of the metal siding panels to the existing building so it looks appropriate. We’ve installed a darker brown contrasting metal siding at the lower part of the front elevation which matches the dark brown of the metal soffits and fasica. We also constructed a small sloped roof over the front entrance door to give it a little protection from the weather.

The mechanical and electrical rough-in work has been completed. The building has heating tubes in the concrete to keep the floor warm and dry. It also has a forced air ventilation system that will heat and cool the building as necessary. Our little mechanical room gets crowded with the furnace, boiler, water softener and communication and electrical panels in it, but it should work out OK for us.

I decided to use a blow in blanket system (BIBS) for the exterior frame wall insulation. This provides an excellent thermal R-value while not costing a lot of money. The workers install a mesh over the framing, then poke the tube of the blowing machine into the cavity and fill it with special white fiberglass blowing insualtion. When the insulation is all installed the workers cover it all with a heavy plastic vapor barrier, taking care to tape, caulk and seal all the joints and penetrations. With this insulation and the underfloor, foundation and roof insulation the offices should be tight and easy to heat and cool.