As you saw in Friday’s blog posting, the St. Paul Pioneer Press did an article on blogs. Today the Minneapolis Star Tribune has an article on blogging as well. The St. Paul paper featured information on Northfield Construction Company and me. The Minneapolis paper featured other Northfield firms that are blogging.

It is good that the general media is picking up on blogs….I really like the easy format that I can “talk” to folks and get information and opinions out quickly. As noted in the Pioneer Press article, the main reason I started using a blog was because it is easy to use and allows me to update information in a timely fashion. I find regular webpages that have outdated information very frustrating.

Like many forms of technology, the newer things seem to work better and are easier. Since I entered the “technology world” rather late I was able to make use of blogs, and have enjoyed using them. It helps to live in a town full of “techy” people like Griff Wigley. Griff set me up with a blog site and continues to help me with my blogs….help that is greatly appreciated.