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Creative Use of Industrial Space | Custom Office Build-Out

We recently had the privilege to work with the team over at Consulting Engineering Group (CEG) in Lakeville. We were brought in to make their office space, in an industrial park, work for them. The engineers — paired with Andrea Hoff (an emerging interior designer) — were able to create a color scheme, choose flooring and select counter spaces that fit their needs, and the needs of their clients. Take a peek at the finished project and let us know if you need to rework your space. We pride ourselves in our custom build-outs and look forward to talking with you.

If you are interested in contacting Andrea for her design expertise — we’d love to connect you. You can reach her at:

From plans to a completed space

If you’ve ever built a house you may understand the complex visualization required to imagine your home post-construction. Most of our clients get really excited about their custom designed home plans and can’t wait to see what the final space will feel like.

Our team can look at architectural plans and easily see where it all comes together but we know that for some people, they’ve never done this before. Here are some tips to help you start to understand what the space will look like after you’ve decided on the layout and size of your new home:

  • Go to the Parade of Homes and walk through like-sized rooms.
  • Start paying attention to where light switches are located and what way the doors swing open in a room. This will help you prepare for the walkthrough with the electrician.
  • Gas or electric: Make sure the plans match the intent!
  • Consider which direction your new home will face and make sure you take advantage of natural light (put that extra window in!).
  • Don’t forget about window coverings. Most budgets for new homes don’t include your blinds or shades.
  • Drive around neighborhoods to look at house colors. Make note of what you like AND what you don’t like – both are equally important.
  • Ask other people who have built homes what they would change about their design. A simple tip about making the pantry light automatically shut off when the door is closed may make your life easier!
  • Ask questions and lean on the experts to lead you in the right direction. When it comes down to what shade of white to pick your painter can help you decide!

We try to make the process of building a custom home as easy as possible. If you have questions or would like to discuss the process don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We look forward to making your plans a reality!


Ray Cox — a Northfield Builder and Community Leader

We mourn the passing of Ray Cox, the long-time owner and leader of Northfield Construction Company.  Our condolences go out to Ellen Cox and family in this difficult time.  Ray Cox was a pillar of our community.  He was a builder – a builder of employees, a builder of values and beliefs, a builder of an amazing family, and a builder of Northfield community.  His mark stretches well beyond the buildings he built and goes into the fabric of what makes Northfield a great place to live.  We have lost a great leader and a true Northfield treasure.  We celebrate his life and leadership and are thankful for all the contributions he made to make Northfield Construction Company and the Northfield community great.

-Chris Kennelly and the Northfield Construction Company team


Experienced Carpenter Wanted

Northfield Construction Company is looking to add another experienced carpenter to our team. This is a great opportunity to be a part of a well-established company that provides premier general contractor services in residential and commercial construction, remodeling, and custom homes in Northfield, MN and its surrounding communities.


We rely on our carpenters to be leaders on the job site, provide a high-level of customer service to our clients, and actively participate in performing work to complete the scope of the project. Candidates will be expected to have the same work ethic and ability to communicate effectively and professionally.


Key responsibilities include:
– Read blueprints
– Lead small crew on a project to completion
– Be time conscious and responsible for pace and quality of work by team
– Participate in training new employees
– Work safely and ensure the crew is working safely
– Know the responsibilities of being a ‘competent person’ by OSHA standards
– Confidence and competence in one’s craft
– Trouble shoot issues and assist to resolve them quickly
– Have a solid foundational knowledge of all construction tools


Benefits include:
– Full-time work weeks with ability to earn overtime pay
– Year-round work
– Workman’s compensation
– Health, Vision, Dental and Disability insurance
– Simple IRA with company match
– Paid vacation
– Competitive wages based on skill and experience
– The opportunity to work with Otto the Construction Dog


Qualified candidates are invited to download our application or stop by our office, located at 1610 Riverview Ln, Northfield, MN 55057.


If you have questions or are unable to access the application, please call our office at 507-645-8975.

Imminent Brewing – Final Reveal

We know everyone was excited to follow along on the progress of Imminent Brewing. We are so proud of how the final concept came together. It was a first for both of us — NCC’s first brewery project and the Imminent Team’s first brewery! We learned a lot along the way and after it was all said and done, we’ve enjoyed a couple of pints (ok, maybe more than a couple) to celebrate together.

We were able to leverage a lot of local contractors to help us along the way — a BIG thank you to Keith Pumper Plumbing and Schultz Electric. We are grateful to call you partners in this project.

If you haven’t been to Imminent, head on over! These photos are great but nothing will replace the experience this community-minded taproom has.