Ask the Contractor: What’s the Difference Between Renovations vs Remodels?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a renovation vs a remodel? We asked Chris Kennelly to help explain to us what the difference is between the two:

Renovating is making the existing structure better or modernized.

Remodeling is introducing a change into the flow of the space.

But, what does that mean?

For example, in your kitchen if you’re not going to move where the sink is or the island and you are just going to replace the cabinets and flooring, you aren’t making any structural or flow patterns to the space – that is renovating. Renovating is really working within the confines of the existing structure and just bringing it up to speed.

If you didn’t have a kitchen island and you are now going to put one in, we are re-routing plumbing and changing how the space works – that is remodeling. Remodeling would also be if you are taking a wall down to make two rooms work together, essentially changing the design and flow of the space.

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