A Message from Otto: An Update on Life with the Alpacas

Hi, Otto here. I thought it was probably time I updated you again on life with the Alpacas.

To survive the brutal and cold winter months, both the Alpacas and I grew out our coats. It was at that moment that they realized I was not much different than they are, and they accepted me as one of their own.

They still poop a lot. I’ve been told not to eat it, but when frozen or baked in the sun – they aren’t half bad.

Since our wolfpack grew, I have tried to be on my best behavior and not chase them. Mom and dad don’t like that. But hey, siblings squabble right?

Their tolerance for alpaca jokes is low. For instance, any time I say I’ll pack something they just stare at me: “Wanna go on an adventure? Alpaca lunch.”

Overall, I’d have to say that life with Cully, Sleepy, and Billy is pretty great. And yes, they are all named after professional hockey players.

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