A Bit of Luxury: A Garage Fit for a King!

Everyone dreams of having their own space – with their selection of art on the walls, surrounded by all the things that make them happy. Enter: The Man Cave. The garage is the perfect place to convert or build-out for your Man Cave. There are so many ways to create and design a space that you might even invite the wife and kids to join, occasionally.

There are two ways to get started:
1. Divide your current garage into sections. Your car still deserves protection but reserve that other stall for the Man Cave.
2. Expand the size of your garage! Create more square footage with a build-out to accommodate the electrical or even plumbing you might want/need. 

Now that you have your space, do you need some Man Cave inspiration?
– Memorabilia Mania: Do you have jerseys, trophies, autographs, or home-run balls? Display your collection with custom frames and cases.
– Belly up to the Bar: If you and your buddies enjoy a cold one now and then, build an area with storage, a bar-top counter and stools.
– Drive One Home: Maybe your favorite place is at the golf course. Create a Golf Cave! Set up a projector and golf simulator to work on your game year-round.
– Hunter’s Haven: Are you an avid hunter with some taxidermy you’d like to showcase? If your significant other would prefer the deer head NOT be on the family room wall, create your Hunting Man Cave!
– Sports 24/7: Watch football, basketball, baseball, etc. in your Man Cave designed specifically for sports fans. Add comfortable leather chairs and a big television for the best seat in the house. 

While the decor is up to you, Northfield Construction is ready to help create a Man Cave worthy of the name. 

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